E8/E88 Series
Designed and developed for the most demanding video surveillance installations, the E8 offers unparalleled performance of up to 1900MB/sec when fully loaded with SAS drives and 1500MB/sec with SATA drives. Whether you work with HD or 4K Cameras, the E8/E88 will meet your performance requirements.
JBOD Expansion – 12 and 16 Bays
Built for the CCTV surveillance industry. Enterprise reliability. Space, Power & Cooling efficient.
Video Analytics Servers
Fibrenetix DP-x52 Series has transformed the market for Video Analytic Servers. Supporting up to eight high performance NVIDIA GPU cards per server, the DP-x52 Series is the ideal platform for Facial Recognition, Situational Awareness and Machine Learning based Analytics.
GOLD Servers
Extreme Performance, combined with Scalable Storage Capacity and High Availability. Our GOLD Series of Video Servers empower 3D scalability.
Great Dane Hybrid NVR-Video Server
The Great Dane is an industry first hybrid NVR and Video Server, combining high-performance recording, high-capacity storage and hardware-decoding. Supports up to 900 cameras, with an industry leading price-performance ratio.
SVS-RS9 Series - 2U, 8-bay Storage Video Servers
High Performance, Reliable & Scalable solution for Video Surveillance. In the history of the surveillance industry, there has never been more focus on quality, performance and reliability, together with low carbon footprint and cost-efficiency, when it comes to selecting products for large CCTV projects. Fibrenetix Storage Video Server (SVS) has been designed to meet these ever-growing needs.