GOLD Servers

GOLD Servers

Extreme Performance, combined with Scalable Storage Capacity and High Availability. Our GOLD Series of Video Servers empower 3D scalability.

Designed for critical video surveillance applications


Demand for scalable high-performance servers is growing ­rapidly, as Mega & Giga pixel camera technology becomes the standard in the surveillance industry. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the physical footprint of IT‑infrastructure is being scrutinized by professional buyers.
Government legalization demands zero, or minimal loss of video frames per second, or users face penalties and potential fines. Enterprise class high availability (HA) solutions are a must to ­ensure continuous recording 24/7, 365 days a year.
Fibrenetix GOLD Series of video surveillance servers, with unique 3D Scalability, are purpose‑built to meet these challenges while ensuring businesses all over the world are protected and not vulnerable to losses, liabilities or business interruptions.
The GOLD Series of video servers provide high‑performance multiple servers, based on Intel Xeon E5‑2600 v3 processors, in an ultra‑small 2U form factor. Each server node can sup‑ port dual processors with up to dual 16‑cores in each server node. Providing more than 500GB of memory per server node, users can easily scale servers to support 500, or even 1000 ­HD‑cameras with 15 FPS (frames per second).
Each server comes with 8 or 24 built‑in HDDs or SSDs. Additional storage capacity can be added to scale up to several Petabytes (thousands of Terabytes) via the built-in 10Gbit iSCSI port, offering retention periods of up to 180 days for 1000+ HD‑Cameras.
Power and huge storage capacity require high availability and the GOLD Series is designed to meet these requirements with total scalability via the HA capabilities. Ranging from a few ­seconds failover in Active/Standby mode (supported by most VMS) to Full Active/Active server cluster with shared storage, all critical components including PSUs and fans are duplicated and hot-swappable to ensure near to 100% up time.
The GOLD Series of video servers offer world leading server technology, which can be scaled to meet the most demanding customer requirements and government legalization. Unique 3D Scalability, for performance, capacity and high‑availability make the GOLD series server and storage products truly market leading.


2U, 4Nodes design with great scalability for compute-intensive workloads
Robust native storage interface support
Comprehensive IT infrastructure management solution
High density, power efficiency and Intel® Omni-Path Architecture support for HPC
Exclusive thermal radar technology for energy efficiency
Simplified maintenance and management

Enterprise Class battery back-up to protect against data loss and power “spikes”

The most challenging demand of the surveillance market is enterprise standard 24/7 availability. To minimise downtime and protect against data corruption, due to loss of power or power ‘spikes’, the GOLD Series MTS‑412 and MTS-424 come with an optional battery back‑up unit (BBU), providing up to 120 seconds of power for each node in the event of a power outage. It also manages system shutdown, if necessary, all the time maintaining system and data integrity.

Enterprise standard storage expansion with 3D scalability

The GOLD Series MTS‑412 and MTS-424 servers product range offer 3D scalability for performance, capacity and high‑ availa­bility. The modular design concept enables easy expansion of the server, controller nodes and storage with JBOD expansion units.

Technical Overview

Product CategoryGold Series Servers MTS-412-xxGold Series Servers MTS-424-xx
Processor2x Intel® Xeon Scalable Processor (per node)2x Intel® Xeon Scalable Processor (per node)
Memory (Min|Max)16GB RDIMM, up to 1536GB LRDIMM (per node)16GB RDIMM, up to 1536GB LRDIMM (per node)
Storage Bays8x 2.5” Hot-Swap Storage Bays 24x 2.5” Hot-Swap Storage Bays
(16x SATA/SAS supported + 8x SATA/SAS/NVMe supported)
Max. HDD Capacity SupporterSSD 7.6TBSSD 7.6TB
Maximum Raw Storage Capacity60.8TB182.4TB
Hardware RAID Levels1, 5, 61, 5, 6
Network2x Dual Port Intel I350-AM2 Gigabit
LAN Controller + 1x Mgmt LAN
1x Dual Port Intel I350-AM2 Gigabit
LAN Controller + 1x Mgmt LAN
USB Ports2x USB 3.0 Ports2x USB 3.0 Ports
Operating SystemWindows® Server 2016Windows® Server 2016
Power Supply1+1 Redundant 1600W 80 Plus Platinum Power Supply1+1 Redundant 1600W1+1 Redundant 1600W 80 Plus Platinum Power Supply
CertificationBSMI, CE, FCC(Class A)BSMI, CE, FCC(Class A)

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