Great Dane Hybrid NVR-Video Server

Great Dane Hybrid NVR-Video Server

The Great Dane is an industry first hybrid NVR and Video Server, combining high-performance recording, high-capacity storage and hardware-decoding. Supports up to 900 cameras, with an industry leading price-performance ratio.

Industry leading hybrid NVR and Video Server


The Great Dane combines high-performance recording, high-capacity storage and hardware-decoding at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. With support for up to 900 cameras (15fps-4MP), a storage capacity of up to 5.12PB per unit and the latest hardware decoding technology onboard.

Fibrenetix proven track-record of reliability and optimised video performance are visible in every aspect of the Great Dane product range.
The INTEL HD 630 hardware decoder offers continues playback while recoding without any frame loss or degradation of CPU performance.

Fibrenetix unique video optimisation technology, ensures that up to 900 cameras can record on the built-in hard disks and/or to the direct attached Ultra Dense JBODs.

The Great Dane’s power consumption as well as the cooling (air conditioning) requirements have been optimised to ensure the lowest COO (cost of ownership). The Great Dane NVRs can be ordered with pre-installed Milestone VMS (Xprotect Expert or Corporate versions). However, it is a true open platform VMS-agnostic product thereby giving the end user complete flexibility in choosing the VMS of their choice, the supported camera counts and storage capacity being considerably higher on the Great Dane.
The Great Dane series of NVRs comes installed with Windows 10 PRO as standard, offering an easy and manageable interface for users.

Unparalleled Performance 

800+ Mbps
2U and 3U Form Factor
30% More cameras than the competition
30% Less power consumption
30% Less cooling requirement

Feature Overview

Up to 120 days recording capacity with 290 cameras Full HD resolution (30FPS, 20% Motion Detection, 4MP) or 900 cameras Full HD resolution (15FPS, Continuous Recording, 4MP)
5.12 petabytes of usable storage using RAID 6
Onboard Intel HD 630 graphic hardware decoder, with zero processor resources lost for Playback
Dedicated Fibrenetix storage controller for optimised video recording and storage scalability
Offers highest camera count for video recording without frame loss
Supports up to 256 hard drives via SAS JBOD expansion
3-year warranty
10-year spare part availability guarantee
Industry leading quality and reliability
Best price-performance ratio in the industry
Designed and manufactured in Denmark

Technical Overview

Product CategoryGreat Dane NVR 2UGreat Dane NVR 3U
ProcessorIntel® Xeon E3 Scalable CPUIntel® Xeon E3 Scalable CPU
Memory (Min|Max)16GB, up to 256GB16GB, up to 256GB
OS Storage (internal 2.5”)2x 240GB SSD2x 240GB SSD
Storage Bays8x Hot-swap16x Hot-swap
Max. HDD Capacity Supporter20TB20TB
Maximum Raw Storage Capacity160TB320TB
Hardware RAID Levels5, 6, 10, 50 & 605, 6, 10, 50 & 60
Network2x Dual Port Gigabit2x Dual Port Gigabit
USB Ports2x USB 3.0 - 4xUSB 2.02x USB 3.0 - 4xUSB 2.0
Operating SystemWindows 10, Windows Server 2016Windows 10, Windows Server 2016
Power Supply2x 800W2x 800W
CertificationBSMI, CE, FCC(Class A)BSMI, CE, FCC(Class A)

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