JBOD Expansion – 12-bay

Scalable Enterprise Storage

JBOD Expansion – 12-bay

Scalable Enterprise Storage

Built for the CCTV surveillance industry. Enterprise reliability. Space, Power & Cooling efficient.

Ultra-density and Scalable Storage

The demand for highly robust video surveillance storage has been growing exponentially in recent years. New high-resolution IP ­Cameras are deployed in greater numbers, with requirements for increased retention periods, from 30 days to 120 days.

This ongoing growth has increased the requirement for huge storage capacity of video data, especially in the sector of +500 cameras and upwards. The Fibrenetix Series of Enterprise class storage enclosures and servers address these industry requirements for huge storage capacity and demanding recording server performance.

The 12-BAYS JBOD storage enclosure offers an impressive storage capacity of up to 264TB using 22TB hard drives. The 2U JBOD enclosures are compatible with all Fibrenetix products, and are including E-Series FC and iSCSI Storage (IP SAN), SVS Servers and GOLD Servers.

Providing a truly versatile product, with one of the best cost per GB ratios in the CCTV industry today. Enterprise reliability is achieved via the dual SAS controllers which are hot-pluggable and provide complete failover service for Fibrenetix Storage and Server products.


2U 12-bay  – SAS/SATA drives
Up to 264TB per 2U enclosure
Redundant hot swap: SAS/SATA disk drives; Power & Cooling modules
Dual I/O controller for redundant servers
Supports up to 2400 MB/sec bandwidth per controller module


Surveillance – Enterprise Class
Media & Entertainment
Data Center
BIG DATA and Cloud Business

Technical Overview

Product CategoryJBOD Storage Expansion 12-bay
RAID DesignFibrenetix RAID 5&6 - E-Series and Server ranges
Storage Bays12x Hot-swap
Max. HDD Capacity Supporter22TB
Maximum Raw Storage Capacity264TB
Expansion Interface3 × port SFF-8644 per controller
Drive support12Gb/s SAS and SSDs – 6Gb/s SATA (single controller only if SATA)
Power Supply2 x independent 560 Watts Power Supply
CertificationBSMI, CE, RCM, FCC(Class A)

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