Video Analytics Servers

Video Analytics Servers

Fibrenetix DP-x52 Series has transformed the market for Video Analytic Servers. Supporting up to eight high performance NVIDIA GPU cards per server, the DP-x52 Series is the ideal platform for Facial Recognition, Situational Awareness and Machine Learning based Analytics.

GPU-Power taking Video Analytics to the next level

With the increased use of CCTV cameras and ever-growing density of sensors, video analytics is a must to enable enhanced security and sur­veillance solutions by automatically monitoring video content.

Facial Recognition and Wide-Area Situational Awareness (WASA) require LIVE and immediate alerts to be efficient. However, previous generations of Video Analytics Servers struggle to handle this high volume of data, which is the main reason for the high cost of large-scale Video Analytic applications.

Fibrenetix DP-Series supports up to eight compatible NVIDIA GPU cards, with thousands of CUDA Cores in each GPU card and helps to reduce the amount of video data that security operators must review, and enable a high level of monitoring for any size of video surveillance system.

The required quantity of servers needed is drastically reduced, and therefore cost of implementation is equally reduced.

When Server density is reduced, the operator can expect considerable savings on electrical power consumption and the need for A/C server room cooling, offering the lowest cost of ownership in the industry today.


The Video Analytics Server is based on the Intel® Xeon® 64bits platform, with support for the latest Xeon® Gold Series multi-core processors – offering up to 48 cores in dual processor configuration (QPI up to 8GT/sec)
High Density GPU Server, up to 8x Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) cards
Supports NVIDIA® Quadro® P1000/P2000/P4000, Tesla® P4, Turing® T4, GeForce RTX 2080Ti
Up to 3072GB of RAM
Smart thermal design for energy efficiency
Simplified maintenance and management
Scalable design for expanding infrastructure

Technical Overview

Product CategoryVideo Analytics DP-652-2UVideo Analytics DP-852-2UVideo Analytics DPX-852-4U
ProcessorIntel® Xeon® Gold CPUsIntel® Xeon® Gold CPUsIntel® Xeon® Gold CPUs
Number of CPUs222
Memory (Min|Max)16GB, up to 2048GB16GB, up to 2048GB16GB, up to 3072GB
OS Storage (internal 2.5”)2x 240GB SSD2x 240GB SSD2x 240GB SSD
Storage Bays8x Hot-swap 2.5” HDD Bays8x Hot-swap 3.5” HDD Bays8x Hot-swap 2.5” HDD Bays
Max. HDD Capacity SupporterSSD 7.6TB20TBSSD 7.6TB
Maximum Raw Storage Capacity60.8TB160TB60.8TB
Network2x 1Gbps Port Intel I350-AM22x 1Gbps Port Intel I350-AM22x 1Gbps Port Intel I350-AM2
Expansion Slots for GPUsUp to 4x Double-Deck GPU CardsUp to 4x Double-Deck GPU CardsUp to 8x Double-Deck GPU Cards
USB Ports2x USB 3.0 Ports2x USB 3.0 Ports2x USB 3.0 Ports
Operating SystemWindows® Storage Server 2016Windows® Storage Server 2016Windows® Storage Server 2016
Power Supply1+1 Redundant 1600W1+1 Redundant 1600W1+1 Redundant 1600W
CertificationBSMI, CE, FCC(Class A)BSMI, CE, FCC(Class A)BSMI, CE, FCC(Class A)

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