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Fibrenetix deploys Seagate Exos X24 for Critical Security Solutions

Empowering Video Workflows: Fibrenetix Adopts Seagate X24 24TB HDDs in RS9 Storage Video Servers

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Enhancing Efficiency: Fibrenetix Leverages Seagate X24 24TB HDDs for Video Storage Solutions

Unlocking Unprecedented Capacity and Performance in the RS9 Storage Video Server Series

Discover the cutting-edge collaboration between Fibrenetix and Seagate as we push the boundaries of video storage technology. With the deployment of Seagate’s groundbreaking Exos X24 24TB HDDs, Fibrenetix’s RS9 Storage Video Server series enters a new era of capability. Offering configurations with 8, 16, and now 24 bays, the RS9 series stands as a flagship in Fibrenetix’s arsenal, providing the best solution for DAS requirements. Prepare to embrace unparalleled storage capacity and seamless performance for your video storage needs.

Introducing the Seagate Exos X24

A powerhouse in high-capacity storage, tailored to meet the demands of enterprise-level video surveillance environments. Boasting a remarkable 24TB model, this drive offers ample space for data-intensive applications. Engineered with Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) technology, it ensures maximum storage density and reliability, crucial for continuous, data-intensive operations.

Performance is paramount with the Exos X24, featuring helium technology within its compact 3.5-inch form factor and operating at a swift spindle speed of 7200 RPM. Supporting both SATA and SAS interfaces, it seamlessly integrates with all Fibrenetix Video Servers and Storage solutions.

Server RS9 8-bay

192 tb

Server RS9 16-bay

384 tb

Server RS9 24-bay

576 tb

With a mean time between failures (MTBF) of 2.5 million hours, the Exos X24 is built to thrive in 24/7 operational conditions, making it an ideal choice for video surveillance and analytics where speed and reliability are non-negotiable.

Key features such as self-encrypting drive (SED) technology and instant secure erase (ISE) ensure data security and operational efficiency, offering peace of mind for sensitive information handling and drive disposal.

Partnered with Fibrenetix solutions, the Seagate Exos X24 emerges as the ultimate answer to the challenges posed by data explosion, delivering unparalleled capacity and advanced features tailored to the exacting requirements of CCTV environments.


As a market-leading manufacturer of Video Optimised Servers and Storage Solutions, Fibrenetix has established a global reputation for developing high-performance video streaming technology, providing smart engineering, quality, scalability, and reliability for demanding environments.

In the realm of on-premises video surveillance, there is no room for storage systems that falter. Reliability and peak performance are non-negotiable. Each hard disk drive (HDD) must deliver unwavering performance to conquer present and future projects.

Fibrenetix, driven by a commitment to exceed customer expectations, has integrated Seagate’s Exos X24 HDDs into its cutting-edge video servers tailored for the industry’s unique demands.

Built specifically for mission-critical deployments

Crafted specifically for mission-critical scenarios, Fibrenetix manufactures Storage Video Servers, iSCSI Raid Head and JBODs designed for centralized security solutions, catering to the rigorous demands of 24×7 operations in sectors like Airports, Commercial, Hospitality, Retail, and other sensitive business applications.

The exceptional performance of Seagate Exos X24 within Fibrenetix’s Storage Video Servers RS9 enables seamless storage of high-resolution camera feeds, extended data retention, and support for a multitude of camera streams.

For these reasons, selecting a dependable and robust storage solution is a top priority in video editing and video surveillance. This often involves choosing reputable brands and technologies that offer high levels of reliability, data redundancy, and data protection. Additionally, regular maintenance and monitoring of storage systems are essential to ensure continued reliability and data integrity.



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Better together - working in partnership

Fibrenetix is dedicated to providing new cutting-edge technologies, and highly reliable products to its customers. Seagate Exos X24 contribute to the achievement of these clear goals.

In addition to the high quality, reliability, pre- and after-sales support provided by Seagate, use of the Exos series have helped Fibrenetix to reduce HDD failure rates by more than 50%.

This dramatic improvement in HDD reliability, since the implementation of Seagate drives, has improved Fibrenetix customer satisfaction levels and enabled the company to enhance the value proposition of its products.

Solving surveillance challenges 24×7

The high performance of Seagate Exos X24 deployed with Fibrenetix Storage Video Servers RS9 enable storage of high-resolution camera feeds, support for long data retention periods as well as support for great number of camera streams.

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