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Fibrenetix deploys Seagate HDDs for Explation Missions

Securing people and assets while collecting real-world data

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Securing Data, Assets and People while on the move, even in off-grid situation

The Importance of physical security in territory exploration

Nowadays we hear a lot about space exploration.

Space exploration is more than just a daring attempt by humanity to locate new habitats and sources of profit. To enhance life on Earth, learn more about us and our planet, and find or build a better future for our children, we must accept the risk of leaving our earthly home.

Space is, first and foremost, a magnificent “playground” for scientists — an inexhaustible supply of knowledge and learning that is assisting in answering some of the most fundamental existential issues concerning Earth’s origins and our role in the Universe.

Goethe: “If you want to reach the infinite, then explore every aspect of the finite.”

This is the same thing on Earth.

And all this knowledge generates a massive amount of data that needs to be captured, recorded, analyzed to improve our existing condition.

These missions can use the data to provide real-time situational awareness, or to complete an already existing set of data in the view to build a digital model providing information that would be used for never stopping learning analysis and evolution. This process is a key element to provide prediction information such as weather forecast.

Analytics of data over incremented capture surveys will highlight results to enhance decision-making and strategic response. Enabling Strategic Response

In applications such as Exploration, which rely heavily on quality and tolerance to harsh environments, highly performing and reliable storage systems are essential.

As a market-leading manufacturer of Video Optimised Servers and Storage Solutions, Fibrenetix has established a global reputation for developing high-performance video streaming technology, providing smart engineering, quality, scalability, and reliability for demanding environments.

The exploration segment demands storage systems that consistently operate at peak performance with no sign of slowing down. System and disk failure is simply not an option. The performance and reliability of every single hard disk drive (HDD) is crucial to conquer projects today and in the future.

Driven to meet and to exceed its customers’ evolving requirements, Fibrenetix included Seagate’s EXOS 7E2000 HDDs in a number of its leading rugged storage video servers, developed for the industry’s specific demands.

Built specifically for mission critical deployments

Fibrenetix manufactures a range of Mobix Rugged Servers for edge processing used in demanding 24×7 data capture and processing operations such as Oil & Gas, Mineral, Wild-life and Climate Monitoring or any sensitive business applications.

The high performance of Seagate Exos 7E2000 incorporated into Fibrenetix Mobix-II enable storage of high-resolution camera feeds or sensors data collection, support for long data retention periods as well as support for great number of camera streams.

Seagate’s EXOS series provides a reliable basis for comprehensive video analytics.


Land Exploration

Mobile Surveillance

Emergency Vehicles

Aerial Survey


Oil & Gas



Combining reliability with unparalleled performance

The Fibrenetix Mobix Video Server for Harsh Environments is built to protect data while providing access at speeds that meet or exceed the needs of exploration mission in uncharted territories.

Designed and developed for today’s most demanding remote video surveillance applications, Fibrenetix Mobix series is known for delivering unparalleled performance.

Fibrenetix Mobix series use Seagate’s award winning EXOS 7E2000 Enterprise Capacity HDDs, which are engineered to offer optimum performance and compatibility with the video surveillance applications and operating environments.

Solving surveillance challenges 24×7

Fibrenetix provides a range of Mobix Rugged Servers for video surveillance systems used in demanding 24×7 surveillance settings such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Industrial Sites, Smart Cities, or for monitoring sensitive business applications.

The high performance of Seagate Exos 7E2000 incorporated into Fibrenetix Mobix-II enable storage of high-resolution camera feeds or sensors data collection, support for long data retention periods as well as support for great number of camera streams and sensors.

Better together - working in partnership

Fibrenetix is dedicated to providing new cutting-edge technologies, and highly reliable products to its customers. Seagate Exos 7E2000 contribute to the achievement of these clear goals.

In addition to the high quality, reliability, pre- and after-sales support provided by Seagate, use of the Exos series have helped Fibrenetix to reduce HDD failure rates by more than 50%.

This dramatic improvement in HDD reliability, since the implementation of Seagate drives, has improved Fibrenetix customer satisfaction levels and enabled the company to enhance the value proposition of its products.


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