Pioneering Video Storage

Fibrenetix deploys Seagate 20TB EXOS Hard Drives,
tested and approved.

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Our 2022 lineup just got 11% larger.

We’re delighted to announce that we have upgraded our product lineup with the brand new Seagate 20TB Helium Drives. 

Each of their drives now has 20 TeraBytes of high-resilience storage as standard.

Which means that whichever Fibrenetix Video Optimised Server or Storage Solution you choose, you’ll get more than a 11% jump in storage capacity, for the same physical size and same energy consumption.

We are

With more than 20 years of industry experience, Fibrenetix is a market-leading manufacturer of specialised video servers and storage solutions.

As well as having a global reputation for designing and manufacturing high performance servers and storage solutions with European quality, reliability and scalability, we’re constantly developing new cutting-edge technologies to meet the ever-growing demand for data and video storage. This includes AI-capable equipment for video analytics in the Surveillance and Media & Entertainment industries.