January 17-19, 2023

Dubai World trade Center, UAE

STANDS SA-G20 and S1-F27

Two Stands, Two Worlds

Stand SA-G20

Focus on capturing and securing Real-Life data while on the move. A camera is an intelligent IoT sensor, which once connected to a Fibrenetix rugged video server MOBIX-III, brings to the industry a robust platform to monitor in real-time critical infrastructures while off-grid.

Stand S1-F27

Fibrenetix manufactures video servers and storage systems that operate 24x7 at peak performance with no sign of slowing down. System and disk failure is simply not an option. The performance and reliability of each component are crucial to conquer projects today and in the future.

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Five main reasons why you should visit Fibrenetix and specify Fibrenetix Video Servers in your next Video Surveillance Solution

They cost less and handle more cameras

Compared to Transactional Servers, Video Servers cost less to buy and run, are more reliable, and can handle up to 50% more cameras.

They are reliable

Each of our products is proudly built in Denmark to the highest quality and reliability.

They are Greentech

Our Video Server and Storage have the lowest-in-class CO2 footprint because they use less power and need less cooling.

They come with up to 3 years finance

In partnership with the Danish Government, our financing division Fibrenetix365 gives customers and operators up to three year’s payment terms.

They come with 24/7 Global Support       
Fibrenetix offers on-site support to minimize downtime for our customers with mission-critical systems.