Fibrenetix 365

Do you qualify for up to $4m in Project Finance?

Fibrenetix 365

In partnership with the Denmark's Export Credit Agency (a Danish government supported organisation), Fibrenetix can now offer finance from $300k to $4m worth of Video Storage and Server equipment on your next project.*

Introducing Fibrenetix 365
Get approved Credit Terms in under 6 weeks.

Free up your working capital. Typically, Fibrenetix’s products account for about 40% of your project’s cost. By financing those costs, it frees up your cash or allows you to bid on more or larger projects.

Know the costs up front. The financing costs, which are similar to bank charges, are with fixed interest.

Reduce your exposure and overdraft. Projects can take years to deliver, so delaying your repayments by up to 2 years helps align your cost schedule with revenue schedules.

Get credit without a bank renegotiation. As long as you are creditworthy, a facility from Fibrenetix 365 takes as little as three weeks and can be approved for values up to 1/3 of your paid-up Equity.

We’re more flexible than your bank. We have several options for credit duration and repayment schedules. The only requirement is that you take delivery within 90 days.

Offer terms to your customers. If you are a distributor, we can enable you to offer credit terms to your customers, giving you competitive advantage.

Does your company and project qualify?

Download our handy guide—How to qualify for up to $4m in long-term financing—and one of our Finance experts will be in touch to help with any questions you might have and to speed up the approval process.

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