Always Stay A Frame Ahead

Discover specialised, future-ready
video servers from Fibrenetix

Transactional and video servers operate with a very similar core,  but  their fundamentally different  infrastructures  result  in distinctive case uses and results.

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Learn how specialised video servers enable greater performance, reliability and scalability, with reduced
cost of acquisition (COA) and total cost of ownership (TOA) to ensure you always stay a frame ahead. 

We are

With more than 20 years of industry experience, Fibrenetix is a market-leading manufacturer of specialised video servers and storage solutions.

As well as having a global reputation for designing and manufacturing high performance servers and storage solutions with European quality, reliability and scalability, we’re constantly developing new cutting-edge technologies to meet the ever-growing demand for data and video storage. This includes AI-capable equipment for video analytics in the Surveillance and Media & Entertainment industries.