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Fibrenetix deploys Seagate 20TB EXOS Hard Drives

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Our 2022 lineup just got 11% larger.

We’re delighted to announce that we have upgraded our product lineup with the brand new Seagate 20TB Helium Drives. 

Each of their drives now has 20 TeraBytes of high-resilience storage as standard.

Which means that whichever Fibrenetix Video Optimised Server or Storage Solution you choose, you’ll get more than a 11% jump in storage capacity, for the same physical size and same energy consumption.

As someone who specifies Video Surveillance solutions you know that Fibrenetix have been pioneering both DAS and SAN video storage solutions in hundreds of installations across the globe. 

But what you didn’t know is that before we recommend new products to our partners and customers we ask our Lab Geeks to stress test those components in the most challenging real-world environments we can devise. 

  • 1000 hours of testing
  • 400x concurrent camera streams and 6 hours retention period
  • Simulated drive failure and rebuild-while-live times
  • Multiple Volume Sizes
  • Busy and Idle Time Rebuild Scenarios
  • DAS & SAN

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